Dinner and a Show at Resi’s Bierstube and The Lincoln Lodge on Saturday, November 9

BY: CODY BRAUN | 11.9.2013 |
Dinner and a Show at Resi’s Bierstube and The Lincoln Lodge | Chicago Restaurants | Groupon

The Dinner: Perhaps there there are subliminal messages in German toasts. Maybe it’s just easier to order giant beers in metric units. Either way, large vessels of hefeweizen seem to magically appear in your hands at Resi’s Bierstube (2034 W. Irving Park Rd.). A schnitzel sandwich with cheese and giardiniera or more traditional Bavarian staples will provide the strength needed to hoist liters and the solid foundation for belly laughs at a show down the street.

The Show: The nearby Lincoln Lodge (4008 N. Lincoln Ave.) is the perfect home for The Blackout Diaries. It’s dark and generally sort of confusing. The beer list is extremely businesslike, with Molson standing in as the highbrow import. The Diaries themselves are stories, recounted by comedians and civilians alike, that swing wildly from pint-hoisting triumphs to booze-fueled disasters. It’s a great way to celebrate debauchery—or decide to take a few days off from it.

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