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Beauty blogger for Groupon. For me, both beauty AND fashion need to be accessible and not intimidating. I love a great deal and a good DIY beauty treatment. I pride myself on trying new trends, being open-minded, and getting a great treatment without breaking the bank. In the name of beauty I will try anything once.

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Here’s the latest from my world:

Gold Collagen Gel and Three Other Products We Loved from Groupon Goods

My friend Jackie and I tried out a bunch of cosmetics from Groupon Goods, and picked out four favorites—including an eye cream made with stem cells from a Swiss apple.

I Know What -240 Degrees Feels Like

Two minutes in a cryotherapy chamber might sound like (frozen) hell on earth, but a 9-year-old did it and so did I. It was awesome.

This Foot Mask Made My Feet Look Worse, Then Way, Way Better

Never have I tried a beauty treatment so gross and wonderful at the same time.

YouTube Is My Personal Trainer Of Choice

After an embarrassing incident at a public gym (one man laughed so hard at me that he started crying), I started trying YouTube workouts at home.

The Four Best Beauty Treatments I Tried in March

I never wanted to put snail secretions on my face…until suddenly, I did.

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And a few articles from the Groupon Guide to Style & Beauty:

The Five Best Uses for Coconut Oil You’ve Never Heard Of | Shannon Grilli

Earn sympathy from the police and teach children not to trust you with these imaginative uses for the versatile beauty product.

10 Pairs of Sunglasses That Only Look Expensive | Amelia Buzzell

If you lost any of these shades, you might shed a tear—not because they cost a fortune, but 'cause they’re so cute.

Five Yellow and Green Nail Polishes That Don't Look Like Fungus | Amelia Buzzell

True, some yellow and green polishes look like something you’d find floating in a bog. But they can also look like shamrocks, Big Bird, or "The West Wing’s" Donna Moss.

We Did Not Wake Up Like This | Mae Rice

Six Grouponers open up about their makeup routines, their changing attitudes toward cosmetics, and their all-time most embarrassing beauty mistakes.

How Long Can You Hang Onto Lipstick? | Jen Jackson

Yes, lipstick—and other makeup—expires, and when it does the results aren’t pretty. Use this shelf-life chart to figure out what to keep and what to toss.

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