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Beauty blogger for Groupon. For me, both beauty AND fashion need to be accessible and not intimidating. I love a great deal and a good DIY beauty treatment. I pride myself on trying new trends, being open-minded, and getting a great treatment without breaking the bank. In the name of beauty I will try anything once.

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Here’s the latest from my world:

My Preconceptions About Keratin Treatments Get Busted

After talking to a coworker who got one, I realized I had no idea how it worked. Turns out keratin doesn’t murder your curls!

An Au Naturel Matte Makeup Look

A pro makeup artist gave me a daytime spin on this major fall trend and even kept my shiny skin in check.

Five Things I Learned from Spending an Hour in a Float Tank

I thought I’d be claustrophobic, but instead I felt weightless and carefree.

Wear Sangria on Your Face. Sort Of.

I’m not ready for summer to be over, so I found makeup that matches five of my favorite warm-weather cocktails.

I Tried the NYX Macaron Lippies Everyone’s Obsessing Over

They’ve been selling out in stores everywhere, so I ordered the neon-hued lipsticks online. Here’s my favorites. And my nemeses.

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We illustrate the difference between ready-to-wear and haute couture clothing. Guess which one requires sanction from the French Ministry of Industry?

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One table setting feels like you’re dining with TV’s favorite cartoon family. The other feels like you’re dodging them at Moe’s.

Remember When Men Wore Nightgowns? | Michelle Schuman

How well do you know men’s fashion history? Learn about the eras when guys wore frilled shirts to formal occasions and skirted tank suits to the beach.

Making Room for a Mesob | Emily Donelan

Dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant inspired this living0room design anchored by a traditional straw-basket table.

Make Your Garden Glam with These Easy DIY Projects | Jessica Duff

Cement mix, cupcake liners, and a little gold paint are virtually all you need to inject a little glamour into your green space.

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