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Beauty blogger for Groupon. For me, both beauty AND fashion need to be accessible and not intimidating. I love a great deal and a good DIY beauty treatment. I pride myself on trying new trends, being open-minded, and getting a great treatment without breaking the bank. In the name of beauty I will try anything once.

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Here’s the latest from my world:

My Five Favorite Things from the Vogue September Issue

Let's just say my crushes on Cara Delevingne and Dominic West are at all-time highs.

Reverse Summer Damage with These Five Beauty Tips

After a few months in the sun, your hair and skin probably need some TLC. And some water.

If Emmys Went to the Best-Dressed Nominees, Here’s Who Would’ve Won

Technically, they’re about “acting.” But in my version, they’re about who maybe dressed like the guys from "A Night at the Roxbury."

Seven White Pieces to Wear Before Labor Day

They’re so cute, you might just break the rules and wear them afterward too.

My Preconceptions About Keratin Treatments Get Busted

After talking to a coworker who got one, I realized I had no idea how it worked. Turns out keratin doesn’t murder your curls!

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And a few articles from the Groupon Guide to Style & Beauty:

An Outfit Homage to Stevie Nicks’s Witchy Style | Michelle Schuman

The legend is calling on designers worldwide to create a showstopping shawl for her to wear. Let this outfit be their inspiration.

Are Heels and Flip-Flops Always Bad For Your Feet? We Asked a Podiatrist. | Mel Kassel

Dr. Donna Hayes tells us how to know when shoes actually fit and which shoe she’d like to wish out of existence.

Forget Sports. These DIY Felt Pennants Salute What Really Matters. | Amelia Buzzell

Three patterns that show you’re a fan of snacks, sleeping, and not getting fired.

How to Tell If It's Haute Couture | Colleen Loggins

We illustrate the difference between ready-to-wear and haute couture clothing. Guess which one requires sanction from the French Ministry of Industry?

Two Perfectly Cromulent “Simpsons” Dinner Party Ideas | Amelia Buzzell

One table setting feels like you’re dining with TV’s favorite cartoon family. The other feels like you’re dodging them at Moe’s.

Photo: Mark William Mills, Groupon