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Beauty blogger for Groupon. For me, both beauty AND fashion need to be accessible and not intimidating. I love a great deal and a good DIY beauty treatment. I pride myself on trying new trends, being open-minded, and getting a great treatment without breaking the bank. In the name of beauty I will try anything once.

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Here’s the latest from my world:

I Got My First V-Steam at King Spa & Sauna

The “V” stands for vagina.

Everything You Need to Know about Eyelash Extensions

I got lash extensions at Celebrity Skin and learned all sorts of insider info—including why you should skip the coffee before your appointment.

My Top 10 Trends from New York Fashion Week

I made up my own names for these new styles from designers such as Michael Kors, DKNY, and Victoria Beckham.

My Weekend at Asanda Spas with Groupon’s Sweepstakes Winners

I spent three days in New York getting pampered with Jennifer and Sarah. I also cut off a bunch of my hair!

How Microdermabrasion Really Works

They use a diamond-encrusted handpiece to rub off your top, most congested layer of skin. Don’t worry—there’s plenty of skin underneath it!

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The co-owner of one of Chicago's most fashionable salons answers FAQs on everything from small talk to tips.

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Spruce up a side table with an accent piece made from stray photo-booth strips. You don't even have to destroy the originals.

Party Decor That Smells Like Teen Spirit | Amelia Buzzell

A fog machine, pompoms, and gray tablecloths evoke Nirvana's iconic video. Now you'll be ready when guests drop in and say "Here we are now, entertain us."

How to Wear Paperself’s Amazing Paper Lashes Any Day of the Week | Mel Kassel

A Q&A with the company and a video tutorial from a makeup artist taught us you don’t have to wait till Halloween to wear butterflies on your face.

Turn Plain Wardrobe Staples into Trendy, Fall-Friendly Pieces | Jess Duff

Gemstones, bleach, and a little gold paint are all you need to turn a plain black tank top, ballet flats, and sunglasses into fashionable statement pieces.

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