The Best Mardi Gras Foods, Graphed With Science

BY: CODY BRAUN | 3.4.2014 |
The Best Mardi Gras Foods, Graphed With Science | Chicago Food and Drink | Groupon

On the last day before Lent, it’s important to use the real estate in your belly efficiently. Filling up on gumbo or beignets is a rookie mistake, the equivalent of eating a whole basket of bread at the buffet. You might have to go out of your way to find paczki (here’s a helpful map, but many bakeries will have an hour-long wait or sell out), but they’re worth it. Or there’s milk punch, a fitting send off for anyone who plans on giving up dairy for Lent. Whatever you do, remember which foods may contain dangerous levels of plastic baby:

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BY: Cody Braun Guide Staff Writer