Your Purse Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Purse

BY: AMELIA BUZZELL | 6.4.2014 |
Clutch and Purse Styles That Look Like Anything But

It holds your keys, your cash, and your lip balm. It probably complements your shoes or your belt. But if your purse looks like a purse, you’re missing out on a trend that’s gaining momentum: handbags made to look like anything but.

This season, you can find a purse shaped like a snack, an animal, or even a piece of machinery. To ease into this quirky trend, let the bag be the focus: pair it with an outfit composed of solid colors and sleek lines, such as jeans and a button-down.


1. Grand Tour Wicker Camera; Kate Spade ($178, on sale)

2. Feline Bold bag; ModCloth ($59.99)

3. Gummi Bear clutch; Charlotte Olympia ($797, on sale)

4. Queen of Hearts clutch; Urania Gazelli (price upon request); similar style available at Anthropologie ($998)

5. On the Prowl handbag; Mary Frances ($308)

6. Wireless clutch; Charlotte Olympia ($597, on sale)

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BY: Amelia Buzzell Guide Staff Writer