Abington Zombie Apocalypse

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    Up to 53% Off Wedding or Kids' Dance Classes
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    60% Off Candlepin Bowling at Timber Lanes
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    Up to 69% Off Fitness Classes at So Fly Fitness
    South Braintree
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    Up to 76% Off Small-Group Strength Training
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1437 Bedford Street Abington, MA 02351


Every night as the sun sets, the undead emerge from the depths of the 25,000-square-foot cityscape, hungry for flesh. Running and hiding is futile––your only option: kill or be killed. Thankfully, all it takes to stop these automated killers is a well-aimed shot of CO2 from your provided rifle. Miss, and you'll be grabbed by the zombie actors who are eager to rob you of your brains or SAG card. Luckily, you have a few things on your side: up to 10 other zombie killers will join you on the 15-minute mission, and since the Zombies themselves aren't armed, you'll need no padding, goggles, or other safety gear to weigh you down during your bid to save the human race.


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