First Choice Family Chiropractic

2709 Gillionville Rd Albany, GA 31721


The licensed dorsum aligners at First Choice Family Chiropractic gently tweak vertebrae to adjust sinuous spines and promote healthy lifestyles for skeletal systems of all ages, with an emphasis on pediatric and family care. Doctor of Chiropractic Katrina Sokolowski and her crew review each patients' medical history during an initial consultation and exam, noting chronic conditions as well as spinal columns' weekend work supporting parthenons. The chiropractitioners meticulously analyze vertebrae to identify the proper placement of each back-supporting disk before an adjustment works to unkink skeletons and promote a healthier posture and rejuvenated immune system. With the bodily framework properly aligned, devious disks' attempts to steer straightened torsos off course are run aground with two follow-up adjustments.

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