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    Up to 90% Off Dental Exam or Teeth Whitening
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    70% Off Dental Exam and Cleaning
    Laguna Hills
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    80% Off at Basti Dental Care
    Mission Viejo
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27792 Aliso Creek Rd Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Dedicated to customer service, satisfaction, and health, Aliso Optometry's peeper professionals will greet visitors with a glistening eye-smile before leading the way to a cozy office for a thorough eyeball investigation. During the comprehensive exam, a certified all-seeing eye will gaze into your gazers, using top-of-the-line ocular gadgetry to test visual acuity, pupil reflexes, eye pressure and alignment, peripheral vision, corneal curvature, anterior and posterior eye health, and the barometric pressure of your soul. Using a series of capital letters and queries, the doctor will also ascertain the current prescription needed to correct your sight. In addition to conditioning peepers for staring-contest championshiphood, receiving regular eye check-ups can prevent eye disease or catch pesky problems in their earliest stages.

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