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    Up to 60% Off Window or Gutter Cleaning 
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    Up to 78% Off from Smile Bright Teeth Whitening
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145 North Main Street Alpharetta, Georgia 30009


Kristine Marcey began her career prepping models for the catwalk. As a professional makeup artist in the fashion industry, Kristine honed her craft to a photo-ready science. Once she moved to California in the mid-2000s, she decided it was time to build up her skill set, and she naturally looked to her canvas—the skin.

Now a licensed aesthetician and massage therapist, Kristine treats all visitors to KM Skin & Body Solutions to her carefully cultivated atmosphere of calm, with exotic aromas wafting through the air, the sound of water trickling over rocks, and soothing tea filling teacups. She pairs these tranquil touches with expert skincare services and massage therapy. Kristine addresses clients' concerns—from blemishes and sun spots to dryness and fine lines—with gentle, effective treatments including an exfoliating pumpkin-enzyme mask that works to fade away damage naturally.