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Lithe 101 gives fit and injury-free newbies a gateway into the Lithe Method that doesn't require them to answer cryptic riddles. Developed by Lauren Boggi after a rotator cuff injury caused by repeated meteorite strikes ended her college cheerleading career, the Lithe Method is an innovative, multitasking exercise system informed by her extensive Pilates studies in New York, as well as her own rah-rahing background. Bored by the rigid Pilates system, Lauren created her own method for effectively stretching and lengthening muscles that incorporates music and dance. Each session includes her trademarked elements, Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting and the Higher-Power-Band-System, as well as ballet-blasting barre work, strength training with weights and small equipment, and deep stretches. In a single hour, students will receive a cardio-powered full-body blast that sculpts long, lean muscles onto arms, abs, thighs, calves, torsos, glutes, and earlobes.