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    Up to 41% Mediterranean Food at Couscous
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360 Pharr Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305


Featuring an outdoor patio and lodgelike interior, Saskatoon is a specialty chophouse that tames the wild outdoors, serving both exotic wild game and traditional entrees with a Northwestern flair. Following the rustic ritual, the Buckhead location's menu begins meals with appetizers such as the wild-game sausage sampler (different sampling of meats each week, $10), wild-boar flatbread ($9), and Northwestern steamers (fresh clams and mussels, $11). Venture further into the culinary mountains with entrees such as buffalo flank steak (served with caramelized onions and house honey-barbecue sauce, $23) and a full rack of lamb with zinfandel demi-glace ($32), or swim up a clear, cool flavor stream by opting for a rainbow trout, served sizzling in the pan ($19). Don't neglect your inner oenophile—Saskatoon has a wine list large enough to tickle any entree's fancy. A glass of Sea Ridge syrah ($6.50) or a Sterling sauvignon blanc ($6.50) will complement savory sustenance, and a sweet glass of Hungarian tokaji (dessert wine, $12) can put a delicious cap on your night's sleepy head.

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