Helga's German Restaurant and Deli

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14197 E Exposition Ave. Aurora, CO 80012


Cinderella’s glass slippers have nothing on the boots that traverse Helga's German Restaurant and Deli’s bar every night. Filled with 2 liters of Hofbrau Oktoberfest, Warsteiner Pils, or any of the other German beers on tap, these boots find their perfect match in the hands of guests who shout “Prost!” before tearing into soft pretzels baked in the Bavarian tradition.

Founded by a mother and daughter in 1989, Helga’s began as a four-table restaurant whose modest size seemed sometimes at odds with the giant pretzels and boot-size beers. However, the restaurant continued to grow and earn fans, many of who traversed the Rockies to sample its faithful interpretations of bratwurst, schnitzel, and other Rhineland staples. Though much of the menu remains the same as in those early days, the restaurant itself has expanded to resemble a lively German pub in the midst of Oktoberfest. When they aren’t molding sides of sauerkraut into tiny models of German soccer star Michael Ballack, guests can play beer pong for prizes, watch the national team on 50-inch televisions, or dance to live music played by the house band on the second and last Friday night of each month.

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