Christopher Horan - Certified Rolfer

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5750 Balcones Dr Austin, TX 78731


Specializing in soothing chronic pain, rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries, and improving overall well being, Christopher Horan works to realign joints, ease furious nerves, and restore posture to proper condition. Rolfing mends the malfunctioning segments of the human anatomy through the deep, gentle massaging of connective tissue, correcting joint alignment and easing aches. The 90-minute session begins with a detailed examination of your health history before your y- axis receives a hands-on recalibration. Clients recline on a bed for the procedure and are sometimes asked to participate through movement, encouraging more active engagement than receiving a typical massage or wrestling a strand of cooked pasta. Crippled with chronic elbow pain after an injury, Christopher Horan underwent rolfing to restore a pang-free range of motion and found it effective enough to devote his life to its practice. While Groupon users may notice improvements after one visit, rolfing typically requires multiple visits to fully repair glitchy frames. See the site for notes on appropriate attire, and call to schedule your appointment.