Diaz and Brooks

4101 Medical Pkwy Austin, TX 78756


Once you have your Groupon, you can schedule an appointment with a master hair shamans Lisa Brooks, who will color and gloss your hair, and Beto Diaz, who will focus on cutting and charming Medusa head-snakes. Your hair wizards will sense your innermost hair-yearnings, then direct their careful scissors in tune with your thoughts and dreams, letting creative forces flow wildly onto your scalp for a haircut that revolutionizes the way you look in the mirror—inside and out. A partial highlight will bring your new look into spring, ensuring that your new hue complements your complexion. A luminous gloss will protect and brighten your color like dew fighting grasshoppers from a fledgling blade of grass. Afterward, in the streets, you might find that your magnificent mane busts the binds of its bowler hat and leaps into sunshine, dappling the dark alleyways of careless coiffeurs.