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5775 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78752


Kick Butt's ebullient owner Thomas Gohring—who also owns and operates a tai chi and kung fu dojo—shatters your expectations of tree-bark coffee and stone-hard scones like a martial-arts master pulverizes a stack of cinderblocks by using only the finest Arabica beans grown and raised at Earth's loftiest altitudes. Start the midnight off right with a double espresso ($1.85), a mint mocha (regular for $3.90), or a Kung Fu coffee with Irish crème ($6). If you'd rather mellow than jolt, regular smoothies start at $3.85, and hot chocolate starts at $2.40. Since breakfast is the most important meal for any day of side-scrolling action/adventure, pick up an order of actual throwing stars ($3) with your croissant ($1.85) or a pair of nun-chucks ($12) with your cranberry muffin ($1.85). For a more potent power-up before facing the level boss, walk over a kick n' chicken samich ($6), a generous portion of chicken karate-chopped by Chuck Norris (hence its lack of bones) on a butter croissant topped with habanera and jalapeno peppers. Check out the full menu here.

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