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619 Congress Ave Austin, TX 78701


Every pitted pita at Pita Pit comes with your choice of flavorful vegetables and toppings, and you can even build your own—although you'd best leave the actual construction to Pita Pit's pita pit crew, who can skin, field-dress, chop, and fold your pita in under 15 seconds. Exercise your mastication muscles on any of the Lebanese-style pita-ria's meatiest contenders: the Dagwood, with turkey, ham, and roast beef ($6.65 for regular, $5.40 for small); the chicken souvlaki with lemon-garlic chicken ($6.15 for regular, $4.90 for small); or the Philly with grilled onions and mushrooms ($6.50 for regular, $5.25 for small). Vigorously vegetarian options abound as well, including the hummus with feta cheese ($5.50 for regular, $4.25 for small) and the Garden, which packs a farm's worth of tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and anything else that grows roots and is not human hair into its warm, bready folds ($4.95 for regular, $3.70 for small). There's even a breakfast menu (the Morning Glory contains scrambled eggs, avocado, grilled peppers and onions, and sauteed tomatoes, $5.50) and a healthy menu, which somehow finds a way to cut even more calories and fat from the already healthy regular menu, particularly if you ordered a build-your-own triple-cheese and bacon pita deep-fried in chocolate.