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    Belair - Edison
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    55% Off Women's Haircuts
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    Ednor Gardens - Lakeside
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    Half Off Makeup Application and Products
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    50% Off Cell-Phone Accessories at No Limit Communications
    Multiple Locations
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3407 Lake Montebello Drive Baltimore, MD 21218


Fueled by an extensive fitness background, including experience in the Army Reserve and wins in competitive bodybuilding featured on Lift for Life, LT Thomas pushes ladies to reshape their physiques in a supportive environment. His training credo puts safety and common sense before overwhelming the muscles, basing workouts on an initial health assessment to set challenging yet doable personal goals. In addition to private training sessions, LT leads women-only boot camps, specializing in programs for the exercise newbie as well as the experienced athlete who swallows five raw kettlebells a day. Throughout both boot camps and personal-training sessions, manageable progressions in patrons’ fitness regimens keep them motivated as they discover hidden reserves of inner strength.