2033 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21231


Rita's signature Italian ice is smoother than a snow cone and served fresh after a grueling 36 hours of mixing, a process that only the fittest ice survives. The creative menu also includes the gamut of other frosty mouth-pleasers. Gobble the frozen custard in flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and orange cream. You can also get a Gelati (a layered parfait of custard and ice), a Misto (Italian ice and frozen custard blended together), a Blendini (a Misto with your choice of crunchy mix-ins such as Oreo and Nilla wafers), and other confectious combinations. Prices (with tax) start at $1.65 for a kid's ice, $2.25 for a regular ice, and $3.15 for a regular Gelati. Toppings are available for $0.70 extra and sprinkles (also known as "fun pellets") for an additional $0.45. View a full list and description of the Fells Point Rita's offerings here.

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