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    50% Off Cajun Food at Boutin's
    Multiple Locations
    $50 $26 2.3 miles
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    Up to 50% Off Hibachi, Sushi, and Japanese Food at Kaminari
    Mid City South
    $20 $11 3.2 miles
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    45% Off Cajun Food at The Jambalaya Shoppe
    Mid City South
    $20 $11 4.6 miles
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    Half Off Sushi and Japanese Dinner at Sushi Village
    Baton Rouge
    $30 $15 5.2 miles
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    Half Off Southern Cuisine at Quarters Restaurant
    $30 $15 5.7 miles
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    50% Off Southern Fusion Cuisine at Restaurant IPO
    Downtown Baton Rouge
    $50 $25 5.8 miles
7343 Highland Rd Baton Rouge, LA 70808


The chefs at Monjunis serenade palates with zesty symphonies of authentic Italian flavors and parmesan-dusted delights. Dine on a bevy of delectables in the evening, such as a specialty plate of authentic, pan-sautéed veal piccata ($18.99), which complements the restaurant's equally authentic to-scale replica of the Coliseum. Aurora shrimp get tangled in delicate strands of angel hair and accessorize supple bands of italian cheeses and a loving mix of house alfredo and original sauces ($16.99). Monjunis’ well-seasoned selection of salads ($8.99+) sates lunching palates seeking multitextured medleys of olives, chicken, and walnuts. Slink into the Italian Café anytime to relax on its lush outdoor patio and determine the best tactic for tackling an entire muffuletta ($13.99).

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