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    50% Off Cajun Food at Boutin's
    Multiple Locations
    $50 $26 1.4 miles
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    50% Off at Tropical Smoothie Café
    $24 $12 4.5 miles
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    Half Off Sushi and Japanese Dinner at Sushi Village
    Baton Rouge
    $30 $15 5.0 miles
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    Up to 50% Off Hibachi, Sushi, and Japanese Food at Kaminari
    Mid City South
    $20 $11 5.0 miles
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    Half Off Southern Cuisine at Quarters Restaurant
    $30 $15 5.2 miles
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    $8 for Cajun-Mexican Fusion Cuisine at Taco Boudreaux’s
    Taco Boudreaux
    $16 $8 5.9 miles
9880 Bluebonnet Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Having tossed more than two billion wings in its franchise's history, Wingstop’s chefs have perfected the art of sizzling chicken until its outsides crunch and its insides are tenderized before drizzling wings in one of nine flavors of sauce. Wingstop's menu brims with digit-delectables and succulent sides such as bourbon baked beans ($1.59+), which simmer with rich and hearty flavors. Both boneless and original wings ($6.29 for 10 wings) come flavored with your pick of nine sauces, including hickory smoked barbecue, hawaiian, teriyaki, and atomic, which is spicy enough to finally melt away the icicles stuck on one's mustache. With three kinds of dip ($0.69 each), diners can temper Cajun-sauce-drenched wings with cool ranch dip, or introduce the zesty lemon-pepper sauce to a blue-cheese dip. A combo plate packages two chicken-fillet sandwiches, seasoned hand-cut fries, and a 20-ounce soda for on-the-go eats ($7.69).

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