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For many people, multitasking means something similar to handling phone calls and typing at the same time. Boston Flight Simulator Academy teaches aviation’s version of multitasking—the kind that helps would-be captains see their way through a midair fog bank without running out of fuel. The academy houses both airplane and helicopter simulators, each one with four high-resolution screens that mimic the view of a pilot on the job. During simulations, Federal Aviation Administration–certified pilots and instructors accompany vistors in these simulators—typically, people with little to no aviation experience—and guide them through each immersive lesson.

Students begin with a course on the basics: flying level, turning, and climbing in altitude. After that, they can schedule classes based on specific missions, including takeoffs and landings at the airport or navigating a New Hampshire mountain range. Weather-based classes tackle scenarios from low visibility to thunderstorms, and Instrument Flying demonstrates how to safely enter and exit a cloud without popping it and causing it to spring a leak. Boston Flight Simulator Academy's simulators can help all pilots and students, regardless of experience level. Users can use both old-style steam gauge and modern glass cockpits for training, logging time, practicing flights, or meeting FAA requirements.

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