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3081 Lorna Rd Birmingham, AL 35216


Pay a visit to a full-service salon such as Profiles Hair and Nail Studio, and vent your stress directly through the ducts on your fingers and toes. At Profiles, visitors can have a wide range of digits pampered, limited only by the number of phalanges they possess. With a complete manicure and pedicure ($60), the gracefulness of every hand or foot motion will be enhanced, from scratching chalkboards to poking holes in paper walls and using toenails to pry the tops off cans of sauerkraut. Using OPI and Essie polishes, one of Profile’s trio of experienced and friendly nail stylists will attend to your 10 palm fronds for half an hour, then commence a 60-minute pedicure that includes an organic-coconut-oil-fueled knee-high leg massage, leaving you cleaner than a freshly scrubbed bar of soap and trimmed more neatly than a doorframe.

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