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211 N 8th St Boise, ID 83702


Cazba Mediterranean Restaurant's chefs draw from an international repertoire of recipes from Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with dishes hailing from Greece, Egypt, and Lebanon. These culinary expatriates range from plates such as flame-broiled shish kebabs and housemade hummus to entrees from the shores of Japan and India. Inside the kitchen, the chefs carve slices of roasting gyros and deep-fry falafel for a crispy exterior. They also glaze fish with honey-ginger teriyaki sauce and season chicken with Cajun spices. From this kitchen, the servers also transport specialties such as dolmades—grape leaves stuffed with lamb, beef, and rice—and spanakopita, a spinach pie of phyllo dough and feta cheese. The outdoor patio can mimic the pleasant air of the Mediterranean during warmer months and another of the Mediterranean's best treats—the Running of the Bulls—whenever Michael Jordan feels like going for a jog on a restaurant's outdoor patio.