Caffe Graffiti

64 Cross St Boston, MA 02113


The hot-off-the-press menu features a variety of hot-off-the-stove Italian plates that compel diners to find the nearest floating coin box and cha-ching it dry. A favorite starter offer is the cuneo di lattuga, which is a wedge salad with house-cured pancetta and creamy gorgonzola ($9). A surefire main plate is the homemade "OO" gnocchi in fresh plum tomato sauces baked with Italian cheese ($18). There are a variety of meatier dishes, all cooked and tenderized to perfection. The vitello braciolatini (veal cutlet stuffed with prosciutto, fontina, and sage in a marsala sauce, $21) is well received by past patrons and time-traveling future patrons.