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    Ristorante Euno – Italian Dinner for Two or Four
    North End
    $158 $85 1.3 miles
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    47% Off Mediterranean Fare at Cafe Hemshin
    $7.50 $4 1.3 miles
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    Up to Half Off Italian Cuisine at Filippo Ristorante
    North End
    $35 $20 1.5 miles
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    Up to 40% Off Dinner at Ecco Restaurant and Martini Bar
    East Boston
    $81.50 $49 1.7 miles
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    Up to 43% Off at Typhoon Asian Bistro
    Back Bay
    $30 $17 2.0 miles
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    $5 for Lunch at Savin Hill Bar & Kitchen
    Columbia Point
    $10 $5 2.7 miles
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    50% Off Farm-Fresh Food at Fenmore American Bistro
    $40 $20 2.8 miles
1 Seaport Ln Boston, MA 02210


Gray-hulled naval ships sit stoically by weathered docks, as sailboats and yachts dart to and fro in graceful traffic. The tide ebbs and flows around islands, piers, and against harbor walls under the Boston skyline. Hestia Cruises' four ships glide among this nautical throng, carving wakes across the busy waters on seasonal cruises in the morning, afternoon, at sunset, or under the light of the moon. As the classic 1948 motor yacht Full Moon rumbles through the water, on-board tour guides divulge facts about harbor history and point out ideal landmarks to photograph. The ship's open decks host passengers for sightseeing tours, and its staff also guides morning cruises with massage services or yoga classes, evening voyages with wine and whiskey tastings, and photo-shoot cruises.

Captains also ferry visitors past harbor sights on an EPA-acclaimed private catamaran or the 32-foot Catalina sailboat Hestia, where passengers can help pull lines, unfurl the main sail, and make a mix-tape of sea shanties. They also pilot a rigid inflatable boat—built to Navy Seal specifications—for adventures to far ends of the harbor at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The speedy craft lies low to the water, letting passengers feel the harbor's salty spray while hunched securely on saddle-style jockey seats.


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