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    Up to 55% Off at Women’s Fitness of Boston
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25 Kingston Street Somerville, MA 02144


Do you ever sit down at a restaurant and wonder why you aren’t eating in a train station? Well, stop. From the group that brought you The Maki Express, a bus stop-themed sushi place, comes Kingston Station—the most true-to-life train station dining experience in the Greater Boston area. Step in and you’re immediately whisked away to an evening commute. You might feel the need to fight through the horde, yelling, “Back away. I’m tired and hungry.” But it won’t be necessary. Allow the nice conductor to seat you. Can’t find a seat? Better grab a handrail—the restaurant’s foundation has been altered with a $4 million machine designed to simulate abrupt stops. So if you’re the type of person who loves eating in train stations but has yet to find the prime skirt steak button on the train station’s vending machine, keep reading. A new era in train station cuisine has arrived.

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