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    DeStefano's Steakhouse
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295 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211


Foodswings' eclectic menu disproves the notion that deep-fried, hangover-killing comfort fare has to come at the expense of our fishy, furry, and feathery friends. Stop in for a starter such as the signature pu pu platter ($11.50), a smattering of mock-chicken nuggets, sea styx, and Foodswings drumsticks paired with their respective sauces (buffalo, barbecue, and sweet barbecue). Heartier offerings include classic deli fare with a vegan spin, such as the tempeh Reuben (marinated tempeh, soy swiss cheese, warm sauerkraut on rye, $7.50) and Philly cheesesteak (marinated mock steak and onions, with a choice of Daiya cheese, $8.25). Burgers such as the diminutive kickin' veggie slider ($3) and the sloppy Vegan Heart Attack (soy burger with soy bacon, soy cheese, and the usual vegetable fixings, $7.25) appeal to herbivores, omnivores, and pretend-carnivores. To satisfy sweet cuspids, Foodswings offers more than 20 shakes and floats, including the Tank (chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, cookies, $4.50 for a regular size) and the Dark & Stormy (ginger ale and chocolate ice cream, $2.75), which is also the name of Pat Boone's book about riding in yachts.

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