Indy Sports Chiropractic

75 Executive Dr Carmel, IN 46032


Indy Sports & Family Chiropractic, located in Carmel, is the official team chiropractor for the Indiana Ice and the famous Gary roller-derby teams, the Georgia KO'Effees and the Pink Misandries. The comprehensive set of exams can help to unlock the secrets of your chronic pain, headaches, or off-kilter stride, and your subsequent adjustment will help to put your spine back in order to help your body heal. Likewise, an expert massage can inspire your body's natural self-healing capabilities, in addition to improving circulation and helping your muscles relax. Doctors of Chiropractic Karen Bisesi and William Yadon strive to untie your knotted muscles, reseam your frayed nerves, and retread your well-worn organs, delivering a personalized treatment for whatever it is that pains you or keeps you from optimum health, whether you suffer from back problems or other ailments that you might never associate with your spine.

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