Miel Bonbons Patisserie

200 N Greensboro St Carrboro, NC 27510


Miel's gourmet chocolates and baked goods are handcrafted from fresh, upscale ingredients to please taste buds and sight buds alike. Designer cookies, cupcakes, and desserts are stuffed to the sugary gills with unusual, imaginative flavors, such as lavender almond shortbread, as well as American classics like vegan peanut butter and Henry David Thoreau's Walden. With their palate-pleasing complexities, Miel's decadent chocolates could make for a dentist-taunting meal of savory sweets. Drop a few triple espresso chocolates in a steaming cup of morning brew for a luxurious eye-opener, or suck a sea salt caramel for a taste of swashbuckling adventure, minus the wooden limbs and scurvy. Lemon-basil white chocolates and raspberry-rose dark chocolates lend botanical notes to the roster, while the truffle de whiskey promises to become the favorite of besotted uncles across the incorporated township. Mix and match a crock o' chocs at Miel's candy counter, or purchase a pre-arranged pantheon with six-piece ($15), nine-piece ($20.50), or 12-piece ($25) chocolate boxes. Any exiled member of Russian royalty is sure to be the toast of the office party with a bundle full of Miel's sumptuous sweets.