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3930 Park Rd Charlotte, NC 28209


At Bark Street, the cheery interior features easy-wipe checkered floors, white and pink walls, and three self-service dog-wash stations separated by curtains for the modest pet. All the necessary supplies are provided by Bark Street, including waist-high, disinfected tubs; waterproof aprons; herbal shampoo and conditioner; brushes and combs; towels; a dryer; and natural cologne for especially malodorous under-areas. The water is even provided at a pre-set temperature, so you needn't worry about scalding or freezing your furry friend. A full staff is on hand at all times, available to help any customers struggling with their wriggling bag of barks. A 5-pound bag of organic dog food ($10) is also included in today's deal, with a choice between California Natural or Innova brands.