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8316 Pineville-Matthews Rd., Suite 806, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226


Since doctor's offices tend to stress people out, Performance Chiropractic Center prides itself on a chill atmosphere adorned with local art that doesn't feel like a doctor's office outside of the fact that everything is very clean. The laid-back Dr. Michael Karl will seem so much like one of your Xbox buddies that you might not even realize how carefully he's examining your physical injuries. Once he's determined the source of your body's complaints, he'll consult with you on the best method for treating it. The exam and consultation ($150 value) includes a chiropractic examination and a customized foot orthotic consultation using the tech-cool GaitScan. During your two treatments, Dr. Karl will employ multiple therapeutic modalities, including trigger-point therapy and a chiropractic adjustment ($75 each). Your first session will take about an hour, while the second will take a half hour. Call ahead to schedule your appointment.