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    45% Off at The Pub at Gateway
    Fourth Ward
    $20 $11 2.4 miles
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    $30 for Sushi and Japanese Food at Red Ginger
    $40 $30 2.7 miles
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    50%f Off Locally Sourced Dinner at Pure Pizza
    7th Street Market
    $20 $10 3.1 miles
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    Up to 50% Off at Local Loaf Bakery & Restaurant
    $46 $23 3.1 miles
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    50% Off Deli Fare at Comet Grill
    $15 $7.50 3.6 miles
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    31% Off Upscale American Cuisine at Dressler's
    Multiple Locations
    $20 $13.75 3.7 miles
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    Up to 43% Off Italian Cuisine at Dolce Ristorante
    $40 $24 3.8 miles
3030 Freedom Dr Charlotte, NC 28208


It's not every day that a dinner with friends risks a murder accusation. That's a good possibility for the guests of The Murder Mystery Company, who find themselves in the middle of a investigation for which any one of them could stand accused by a hapless detective. During each interactive dinner, the company's troupe of professional improv actors ignites the dining room with entertaining outbursts and hilarious one-liners in an effort to divulge clues and redirect guilt. Meanwhile, guests work together to sniff out the real culprit, which is definitely not the school janitor in a mask. Birthday parties, bachelorette celebrations, and corporate events can also get in on the interactive action by scheduling a private murder-mystery dinner.

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