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    83% Off a Three-Pack of Professional Teeth-Whitening Pens
    Parktowne Village
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    86% Off for 12 Laser Hair-Loss Therapy Treatments
    Freedom Park
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    Up to 65% Off at Whiten My Smile Now
    Multiple Locations
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    84% Off Prescription Eyewear at MyEyeDr.
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    Up to 73% Off Fitness and Martial-Arts Classes
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    Up to 51% Off Junior Tennis Camp
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    Up to 68% Off Acupuncture and Massage
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1600 East Woodlawn Road Charlotte, NC 28209


In 2008, husband and wife Jason and Shanon Rabon saw something was missing from their native city of Charlotte. People who wanted a more brilliant smile to display during dates, weddings, or long commutes couldn't gain one with ease. Usually, whitening one’s teeth requires an expensive visit to the dentist to brighten smiles with a combination of hydrogen-peroxide gel and LED light. Jason and Shanon offer an alternative at their seven Whiten My Smile Now locations, which provide the same treatment at a far lower cost. It’s a convenience that has rapidly ascended in popularity: over 30,000 clients have sought out the service since it opened.

During visits, a technician thoroughly explains the procedure and holds up a mirror while the client brushes the whitening gel directly onto their teeth. This brush-delivery method delves deep into the cracks and nooks of the teeth to evenly lift out discoloration and stains. With gel applied, clients relax in a private area under the LED light for approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards, they can check how many shades teeth have brightened by comparing their smiles to a whitening chart.

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