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    Up to Half Off Urban Dare Adventure Race for Two
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217 N Carpenter St Chicago, IL 60607


At this month's multimedia "Groupon Presents" showcase, the Chicago Artists' Coalition's gleaming white rafters rumble to the galvanizing beats of Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross while mesmerizing artwork by Jason Brammer fuses with moves from an improvised dance trio. The aural brainchild of 24-year-old producer Dexter Tortoriello, Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross possesses a melancholy texture that pulses with danceable energy. On his latest EP, Blow, Tortoriello interweaves ethereal vocals and live instrumentation with the grind of old drum machines and broken synthesizers, adding an element of anachronism to modern style like a robot wearing a monocle. The performance will be complemented by a video of beautifully synchronized visuals, courtesy of artist Alan Jensen. Mixed-media canvases by Brammer further feed into the evening's connection of old and new, juxtaposing future worlds with salvaged hardware and antique fixtures from a time long forgotten. An interpretive dance trio led by improvisational artist JulieAnn Graham rounds out the jubilee with graceful movement and rousing choreography. Throughout the night, guests can venture to Aftermath, the current art exhibition featuring six Bolt residents' interpretations of life following a catastrophic event, or visit the open bar to fill their glasses or chain-mail gloves with bubbly pours of Blue Moon and Peroni provided by Miller/Coors and champagne provided by Wirtz Beverage. Valet parking is available for $10.