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4631 N State Road 7 Coconut Creek, FL 33073


A fiesta of mouthwatering Latin flavors dances across Medellin’s expansive menu of Colombian-based cuisine. The plátano con aguacate ($7), a sweet and savory commingling of guacamole and fried plantains, tickles tongues as a starter, and house-made picante salsa gives a kick that sends the flavor of a crispy-chicken- or beef-stuffed quesadilla ($8) past the hands of overzealous mouth goalies. The sobrebarriga bogotana ($11), a Colombian-style flank steak sautéed in salsa criolla, balances its meaty boldness with rice, veggies, and fried yucca. Chompers eager to cleave ensandwiched treats release a wave of coastal flavors with the pollo del Tropico ($7), a grilled chicken sandwich topped with cilantro-infused fruit salsa and melted swiss, bobbing on a raft of french fries or fried yucca. Sweet dreams find fulfillment in a classic tres leches custard ($4) or a frosty raspberry juice ($3). Medellin’s warm, earth-toned walls and spacious dining room create a romantic setting where stomachs fall in love with Latin morsels and unused napkins long for the company of crumbs.