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    Half Off at Lucy's Tanning and Consignment Paradise
    Central Colorado City
    $20 $10 2.4 miles
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    Half Off Flowers and Plants at Bella Studios Florist
    Colorado Springs
    $30 $15 3.8 miles
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    50% Off Sports Gear or Ski or Snowboard Wax
    Colorado Springs
    $30 $15 4.7 miles
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    Up to 46% Off Cloth Diaper Accessories and Products
    Erindale Square
    $20 $12 5.1 miles
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    50% Off Lingerie and Intimacy Products
    Multiple Locations
    $30 $15 5.9 miles
708 N Weber St Colorado Springs, CO 80903


The Leechpit dandifies the lives of its customers with vintage duds, records, collectibles, and art salvaged from back in the day. Providing shoppers with wares from roughly the 1940s through the 1990s, The Leechpit stocks garments such as throwback T-shirts ($20) and a clutter of belt buckles ($15). Waists can be graced with the inspiring logo of Jack Daniels or the all-American shrieks of an eagle demon. Customers can browse through Adam Leech’s hand-carved hobo nickels for a creative approach to fiscal austerity. Records collected from multiple musical movements, from jazz to punk, industrial, and psychedelic, spice up silent basement apartments or double as drivers on a vintage disc-golf course.

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