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1560 Fishinger Rd Columbus, OH 43221


After graduating from Southwest Acupuncture College, board-certified acupuncturist Thomas E. Turpen, MS, R. Ac., continued his training through a World Health Organization program in Beijing. Those experiences inform his approach at Arlington Acupuncture Clinic, where he unburdens patients of pain and treats musculoskeletal disorders with acupuncture and oriental-medicine-based procedures. Along with traditional acupuncture techniques, Turpen practices styles such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean acupuncture.

He also relieves guests of ailments through more holistic means, such as reiki, medical qi gong, and medical hypnosis, which can help patrons overcome allergies more effectively than swallowing a grain of pollen and making it a part of you. Joel Jones, a licensed therapist, further assists clients by soothing their muscles during massages.

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