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    $52% Off Pizza at Majestic Pizza
    $20.32 $9.66
  2. 2
    50% Off at Osaka Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse
    Coon Rapids
    $50 $25 4.6 miles
  3. 3
    Up to 50% Off at Jimbo's Italian & American Restaurant
    $24 $12 4.6 miles
  4. 4
    48% Off at Sweet Taste of Italy in Brooklyn Park
    Brooklyn Park - Maple Grove
    $25 $13 5.5 miles
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    Up to 56% Off Pub Food and Drinks
    $44.48 $23 5.5 miles
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    Up to 52% Off Chilitos at Zantigo
    Multiple Locations
    $20.68 $10 5.6 miles
  7. 7
    50% Off at Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant
    Brooklyn Park
    $30 $15 6.0 miles
21 121st Ave NW Coon Rapids, MN 55448


There's one in every neighborhood—a cheerful little mom-and-pop sandwich shop where the servers are friendly and it always smells wonderfully of toasting bread. Chubby's sets itself apart with an eclectic menu of classic and innovative sandwiches, which chefs cobble together from freshly sliced meats and local ingredients. Bustling behind counters from the early morning until dusk, these cooks whip up timeless club, Reuben, and italian sandwiches and craft spicy pulled-pork wraps and apple-bacon paninis. They also hand out a variety of specials—including ribs, meatloaf, and soups—which, like the colors of the rainbow, change from day to day. Sandwiches in hand, guests can dine at the shop's tabletops beneath the glimmer of television sets.

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