Nightmare Factory in Corpus Christi

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304 N Staples Corpus Christi, Texas 78401


Ear-splitting shrieks quicken the pulses of passersby as they approach the Nightmare Factory, a forsaken complex comprised of two distinct, hair-raising attractions. Once they’ve crossed the threshold into the blood-splattered corridors of Insanity51, voyagers tiptoe cautiously past hostile denizens as a narrative begins to emerge. The tormented spirits that haunt these hallways are insane captives subjected to top-secret government experiments that have rendered them even more fearsome and better informed on tax policy. In Nightmare 3D, foolhardy explorers walk through a carnival funhouse that looks more like the scene of a mass murder. Distorted mirrors and shifting floorboards create a skewed, sinister sense of reality, forcing guests to ponder if they have passed into another dimension populated by their worst nightmares.

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