Tee 2 Green

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3442 Saratoga Blvd Corpus Christi, TX 78415


Tee 2 Green's two-level, PGA-recognized golf range summons swingers with stretches of practice fairway for swinging, putting, and chipping. Bask in basket Valhalla by skyrocketing 600 balls (12 baskets) into a vast stretch of green, punishing the dimpled spheres with well-executed swings that implement the forces of speed, velocity, and properly aimed physics textbooks. An 18-hole chipping and putting practice range rounds out focus from the long game to the particulars of short form. The lighted range allows golfers to swing past sunset, where they can imagine that the moon is a large golf flag, the stars are sand traps, and gravity is just a conspiracy perpetrated by the opponent. The monthly card at Tee 2 Green beguiles drivers with 100 balls a day, topping tees with around 3,000 opportunities for golfers to practice their swing.

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