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Taking its very name from an old industry term for crafting clothing exactly to clients' specifications, C Bespoke conjures handsome custom suits, shirts, blouses, and skirts sewn to fit each buyer’s unique measurements. At each of its eight locations, skilled tailors with decades of collective experience help clients personalize each step of their new wardrobe, from the selection of the cloth to the stitching of old nicknames from summer camp onto the lapel. C Bespoke cultivates strong relationships with companies throughout England, Italy, South America, and the United States, drawing in luxurious fabrics from around the world from brands such as Ermenegildo Zagna, Loro Piana, and Thomas Fisher. Stylish gents fill out custom-made suits that compose dapper silhouettes, whereas women don pantsuits, skirts, and blouses that flatter frames. In addition to creating brand-new wearables from fine materials, the talented tailors alter coats, slacks, shirts, and overcoats from a range of top labels.

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