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    Up to 72% Off Air-Vent Cleaning
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    Up to 47% Off Waterless Exterior Window Cleaning
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17194 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75248


Like the bat signal beckons the caped crusader to fight crime, a phone call, online application, or text message alerts Image Dry Cleaners's fleet of roving drivers to tackle insidious laundry. With garment bags flapping in the wind, they gather sullied coats, blouses, suits, and linens such as comforters, tablecloths, and tapestries from a designated pickup spot, carting the items back to their base free of charge. There, they oust grime and stains, returning fresh, squeaky-clean fabrics to doorsteps three days later, or customers can affix a note to laundry bags requesting next-day drop-off without incurring additional fees. In addition to expediting the cleaning process, staff members alter ensembles, repair shoes, restore leather, and preserve bridal dresses so that new wives can memorialize wedding days without attempting to cryogenically freeze their maid of honor.

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