King Spa and Sauna

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2154 Royal Ln Dallas, TX 75229



Modeled after traditional Korean spas, King Spa and Sauna houses nine distinct therapy rooms, each of which specializes in treating a different form of ailment or anxiety. The Charcoal room lines its walls with antibacterial briquettes, which can alleviate conditions such as eczema and undercooked pork sausage. The domed sauna in the Fire Sudatorium encircles entrants in the room's dry-heat and oak-tree aromatherapy, whereas the low temperature of the Ice room encourages blood flow to the chilled parts of the body. In the heated Base Rock room, slabs of siraka stone deploy infrared rays into prostrate patrons, inciting increased circulation and lymphatic drainage during a process that, like most mixed-martial-arts careers, typically doesn't last longer than two 15-minute sessions.

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