Parisian Bistro

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22023 Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48124


Parisian Bistro melds complex ingredients with precise preparation to achieve simply satisfying results, like a fantastical Rube Goldberg device designed to fling chocolate-dipped fries into the customer’s mouth. Focusing on a lively fusion of freshly prepared international and French cuisines, Parisian Bistro’s menu features pizza, burgers, seafood, and pasta. A hookah lounge is also available to unwind before or after dinner, and the restaurant is currently open until 2 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Start off with an appetizer of breaded portabella mushroom strips ($7.99) and a glass from the wine menu, such as the Ruffino Chianti ($7). Entree plates include curry-coconut chicken ($11.99), Parisian-style beef kabobs ($13.99), and sesame-crusted tuna steak ($14.99). For patrons who like to utilize their arm paddles instead of dangerous forks, a crispy, battered-fish lawash roll-up ($7.99) or California turkey-avocado sandwich ($7.99) is a solid bet.

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