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Like procuring a pet elephant, Cava's bowls are priced according to weight ($0.70 per ounce, $24,692 per metric ton), with a sizable hunk of greens, four to five fillers, cheese, and a vinaigrette averaging around $5. The process begins by selecting greens, which include arugula, Boston bibb, and spring mix, among others. Next, peruse and infuse an assortment of unprocessed fillers, including pumpkin seeds, quinoa, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, and sweet potatoes. Top off the dish with one of Cava's vinaigrettes made from 100% extra virgin olive oil, aged vinegars, and concentrated dreams. Upgrade a bed of greens and things to the next level with the addition of seared salmon ($4.50), seared tofu with basil parmesan vinaigrette ($3.75), or sage-rubbed steak ($4.25). Aside from custom field blends, Cava also serves handmade soups and a variety of sparkling beverages, sport teas, and water.