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    50% Off Burgers and Burritos at The Original Chubby's
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    Up to 52% Off at Margs Taco Bistro
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    45% Off Mexican Food at El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant
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    Up to 53% Off at Four G’s Mexican Restaurant
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Tour Mexico from Sonora to the Yucatan with the tip of your tongue with today's Groupon: $10 buys you $25 worth of inspired Mexican cuisine from Cilantro Fusion. Owner Gabriela Bossy gathers family recipes from across generations and continents, blending Spanish and Mexican flavors into a menu bursting with authenticity, inspiration, and authentic, inspiration-inspired authentispiration.1905: Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2, hypothesizes a fusion-style reaction, while Einstein himself hypothesizes a romance between Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins. 1946: Designer bombs tested at Bikini Atoll create a variety of decorative cloud shapes, including beach ball, dolphin, and silhouette of the United States.1978: Attempts to use nuclear fusion to prevent magician David Copperfield from appearing on TV are largely successful. 2010: Simultaneous, worldwide experiments with nuclear fusion result in the renewed popularity of player pianos and the transformation of friendly cats into gigantic-instrument-of-mayhem cats.