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    Up to 56% Off at Downtown Dog and Cats
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3150 Brighton Blvd Denver, CO 80216


With the exception of the Englewood location, all City Bark locations provide self-wash tubs for expedient DIY doggie dunking (about $10 for 30 minutes without shampoo, $11.50 with shampoo; rates vary slightly by location). These specially designed tubs ensure safe and easy dog baths, pleasant for person and pup alike. City Bark provides numerous accoutrements to make the slather sessions go swimmingly, including waterproof aprons, a variety of doggie shampoos, towels, and dryers for preventing post-bath shake-spray. After donning the apron, place your pal in a waist-high tub, specially designed for safe and simple bath time that beats crouching on the tiles of a home lavatory while your dog writhes and splashes, ruining freshly acquired lavender soap angels and terrifying the neighbors with plaintive howling.