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200 Fillmore St Denver, CO 80206


Fresh from their successful founding and franchising of the Smiling Moose Deli, local restaurateurs Kevin Sloane and brothers Bryan and Kevin Brutsch have tackled a new project: experimenting with what international influences can fit into a taco tortilla. Each freshly-made tortilla arrives filled with treasures from disparate and delicious cuisines, such as spicy chicken vindaloo, slow-roasted Mexican carnitas, or Caribbean jerk pulled pork. Garnishes and sides add a splash of color, texture, and intense flavor, from the housemade guacamole and pico de gallo, to the cripsy slaw blends and jicama.

A laid-back vibe permeates through Marg's LoDo and Cherry Creek restaurants, thanks to cool green walls, rustic wood accents, and generous patio seating. Diners share a leisurely hour or two among friends, with no need to don a blazer or formal taco bib, while sipping margaritas spruced up with herbs from the restaurant mini-garden.

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