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    Up to 89% Off Dental Exams
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    Up to 81% Off Da Vinci Teeth Whitening for 1 or 2
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    Up to 47% Off Complete Invisalign Treatment
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    83% Off a Three-Pack of Professional Teeth-Whitening Pens
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Protecting smiles is a time-honored practice. However, Dr. Heather Stamm and Dr. Kai Kawasugi take a modern approach to this practice by embracing cutting-edge technologies whenever possible. The dentists and their staff are capable of providing general as well as cosmetic care, either catching troublesome conditions early and preventing them from becoming larger issues or correcting existing signs of damage, all with the use of modern dental technology. The E4D system, for example, creates custom-fit crowns, inlays, overlays, and veneers on the same day as the patient's initial visit. Medical-grade lasers can whiten teeth or remove cavities. Additionally, Dr. Stramm and Dr. Kawasugi can use tiny cameras to show patients the insides of their mouths or the interior of a tube of toothpaste. Although these options only represent a handful of the services available at Stamm Dental, the doctors always maintain their commitment to use advanced technology and compassionate care to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.