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    36% Off Thai Food
    $16 $10.25 0.1 miles
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    50% Off Italian Lunch at Roma Café
    $20 $10 1.0 miles
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    Up to Half Off Pub Dinner or Lunch at Anchor Bar
    $20 $11 1.7 miles
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    50% Off Southern Cuisine at Steve's Soul Food
    Rosa Parks
    $10 $5 2.0 miles
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    Half Off at Hygrade Deli
    $20 $10 2.2 miles
  6. 6
    Half Off Mexican Cuisine at Las Cazuelas Grill
    Multiple Locations
    $10 $5 3.3 miles
4206 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48201


The green grocer sources local and sustainable sustenance from area farms and gourmet suppliers to offer locally harvested consumers from a new Midtown storefront. Local produce harvested bi-weekly from the Eastern Market is available for the picking or juggling alongside perishables and dry goods from local and socially responsible vendors. Stock up on organic spices to season your award-winning mole sauce, or gift a selection of gourmet teas and coffee beans from The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company to the chronically thirsty member of your acting troupe. Creamy confections and rBST-free dairy delights from Michigan’s Caulder Dairy will delight dairietarians and provide the perfect complement to the crunchy breakfast crumbles of Randy’s Granola.

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