Randy's Pizza

4810 Hope Valley Road Durham, NC 27707


Choose from Randy's long list of toppings, or entrust your taste buds to the prearranged combinations, such as the Rio Ranchero pizza dressed in diced tomatoes, crisp bacon, and ranch on a gooey bed of mozzarella ($14.95 for 14 inches, $16.95 for 16 inches, $18.95 for 18 inches) or a lasagna pizza layered with meatballs, mozzarella, and ricotta ($14.95 for 14 inches, $16.95 for 16 inches, $18.95 for 18 inches). For those who don't associate sharing with caring, Randy's has classic single-serving items like beef gyros ($4.95), overstuffed strombolis ($6.95), or finger-friendly Buffalo wings ($6.99 for 10). Other options include a range of crisp salads (starting at $3.50 for one-person-serving side and going up to $18.95 for 7- to 10-person-serving large) available in chef, Greek, garden, and Caesar varieties.

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